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"I love the contemporary aspect as well as historic."

"High quality museum collection of items from all over the USA. Knowledgeable friendly staff, excellent gift shop of unique items. Worth a visit!

The Mid-America All-Indian Museum (MAAIM) is a unique cultural museum located on the shores of the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita, Kansas. Visitors from around the globe pass through our doors to learn about the American Indians. Established in 1969, the goal of the MAAIM is to educate the community about the art, culture and heritage of American Indians while recognizing the important role they play in today's society.​

The MAAIM is a museum that features pieces from a collection with more than 3,000 artifacts. This allows for exhibits to be changed throughout the year so that a variety of stories can be told about American Indian culture and heritage.

Visit our gift shop, located in front of the museum entrance and featuring items made by regional American Indian artists. Choose from handmade jewelry, books, food and a variety of different Keeper statues. A portion of the sales from the gift shop go back into the Indian community and support the artists that created the pieces.

The Museum also has an exceptional educational program that caters to young students through field trips to the Museum, and to everyone in the community via our outreach program. Hundreds of students pass through our doors each year to learn about American Indian history, culture and way of life both in the past and in today's world.

After touring our museum and gift shop, stroll outside and explore our Outdoor Learning Center. The center features an Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site (OWLS) through the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, a medicinal garden, a prairie and bee hives, which produces the honey we sell in our gift shop.

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