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"The films were revealing and the stories uplifting, we loved seeing the people who have forged the artwork and jewelry. The artistry is amazing."

"The ever changing exhibits in the museum are always very well done and interesting. A top attraction for Kansas."

The centerpiece of the Indian Museum are the works from American Indian artists from around the country. From the more than 3,000 piece collection, multiple exhibits are on display inside the museum. Exhibits are changed quarterly and yearly which allows us to explore many areas of American Indian life.

Woven throughout our museum is the life and art of Kiowa/Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin who created the most visited attraction in Wichita, the Keeper of the Plains. Bosin was one of our museum founders, and he worked to have Indian art recognized as true art.

We focus on the history, culture and stories of our native people. Our goal is to build on the knowledge a visitor may have about American Indians, challenge stereotypes and connect them to both the past and the present. As an intertribal museum, we cannot teach about all ove the over 570 tribes, but instead use the life of Blackbear Bosin to tell one Indian's story of walking in two worlds.​

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